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Position Sensing and Motion Control


Product Overview

Cylinders 100% tested - for functionality and seal integrity.

Cylinder Specifications

Bore: 1-1/2" diameter and larger

Rod Diameter: 1" diameter and larger

Stroke: Up to 20 feet
Pressure: Up to 3000 PSI

Optional Cylinder Features

  • Low friction seals
  • Cylinder heads for direct valve mounting of
        DO or Servo valve patterns

  • Transducer Specifications

    Input Voltage: ±15 Vdc or ± 24 Vdc
    Displacement: Up to 20 feet
    Non-Linearity: <±0.05% of Cylinder Stroke
    Repeatability: ±0.001% of Cylinder Stroke
    Operating Temp:
    Head electronics -40°F to 150°F
    Transducer -40°F to 185°F
    Outputs (absolute) Analog: 0 to 10 Vdc or 4-20MA

    Other Outputs Available

  • Digital Natural Binary or BCD
  • Velocity Output Optional
  • Available Transducer Manufacturers

  • Balluff
  • MTS Tempsonics

    Note: Consult engineering department for other manufacturers including variable resistance type of sensors.

  • Specials are Our Standard
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